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Bonnie Ellen Frankfurt, aka mom. She passed heavenward 2017, and I miss her more each day. Took a long time for mourning to kick in. “A Mother’s Love” arrived virtually intact – all at once – a four verse pastiche without a chorus. Verse 1 sets forth the idea that no matter what power or defenses one can muster, a mother’s love will break through. The second verse proffers the idea that a mom who might find herself without a roof over head will become the roof. The third verse hits close as it shadows a mom who absorbed a lot of negativity of her marriage, made all the meals, worked full time and did so without her kids even being aware of what was happening in the house - providing a mental and physical shield. The fourth verse implies a real life rose that keeps making yearly solo appearances in my control room window at the studio since she died - and each year I sense her “looking in.”

I do not like the sound of my own voice but my wife and younger sister refuse to let me put a singer on it. However, I had to try…lol…and invited my friend Christopher Cross to sing the song. He refused on the same grounds “Scott man, you have to sing it - it’s like a Jimmy Webb thing – it’s so personal and meaningful.” In the end, he graciously gave in and sang the third verse and played a brilliant solo on the first take that – he thought was a warmup – but I had to have it! It expresses the love without the “thinking.” Thank goodness he was in record.

Dedicated to Bonnie-mom, who could really work over a deli counter, who could take over 350 wpm on a stenograph while sleeping, who went to every gig, supported the dreams of her kids (so many cymbals), always ready for a good time and had gorgeous handwriting. The drums at the fade are especially for her.


Music and Lyrics | SCOTT FRANKFURT
Acoustic and Electric Guitar Solo | CHRISTOPHER CROSS
String Arrangement and Orchestration | GRANT FONDA
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