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A dear friend and phenom audio engineer/producer Roy Hendrickson asked me to create a version of this song for LeAnn Rimes. It was on hold for a year - but ultimately was not meant to be for LeAnn. I loved the cut and it was made when I was in cahoots with Myla Renne - producing her album at the time. She graciously sang the demo - and I love it so much to this day that it had to be included on Ten Million Miles.

What a classic beauty of a song by the late great Hank Cochran. I also played live drums on this along with a bunch of instruments off the beaten path - and the blend of nostalgia and retro styling makes me so happy! Cheers to Patsy Cline!


Written by | HANK COCHRAN
Lead Vocals | MYLA RENEE
Background Vocals |  MYLA RENEE & ANGELA MICHAEL
Drums, Q cord, Optigan, Bass | SCOTT FRANKFURT

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