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This lyric gets me every time as it hits a chord deep down. This “title-cut cover song” had to appear somehow on this album - but I wasn’t sure how exactly, as it’s already been perfected by the author Patty Griffin. In the end it was Sharon Frankfurt, with her Carly Simon-type vocal tone – another stroke of providence in my life and the perfect way to complete the album. I simply couldn’t have a better soul to “share the miles” with. Sharon came as if from above, after the loss of my late wife Jody. In two years I went from despairing even of life to renewal and hopefulness. The thing to understand about Sharon is that in her core she is a merciful, kind and open-hearted woman - which couldn’t be better for me - but it gets better because she’s creative, humorous, hard-working and prettier than a sunset. Everything I do to endure life’s bumps and bruises is so I can enjoy her company and try to return the love for as long as possible. Not hype - that’s the real truth.

The vocal you hear is a straight take, with only the most minor touch-ups. It was the simplest and fastest recording session in the middle of the night (May 11th, day before the launch). I pulled out the trusty Omnisphere Nylon Guitar and tried to stay out of the way of what was unfolding. For me the result is just right, at the right time - thank you Lord, thank you wife, thank you SFS team for helping me experience all of it.

Let’s see where the rest of the miles lead us… 🧡


Spectrasonics Nylon Sky, “Clean” | SCOTT FRANKFURT

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