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I love all things “Lanois” and of course the records he and Mark Howard made for Dylan. In my mind, Oh Mercy and Time Out of Mind are masterpieces. I say that to admit the inspiration & styling of the lyric here – short potent phrases - no filler leading to bigger ideas. My life has made me witness to all sorts of situations and contexts where I often find myself wondering if “the point” is so obviously being missed. So the stanzas try to assemble that picture. Info wars, hospital bed regrets, spiritual legalism and the romantic cheater are flayed out – and I just love it to bits.

The track began with Pedal Steel, a new instrument to me. I play zero guitars, making it even more of a mystery – thus the fun of figuring it out. I play a plastic bottle for the rhythm and the bass (from a keyboard).

Enter the tones of Hannah Rose Lewis who, not only “got it” right away, but has this “sly thing” happening that’s wonderfully audible, giving the song the color - or “thorn” I imagined for the song. She is simply a pleasure to collaborate with - musically trained but with a young perspective - wrapped up in tremendous intelligence and musicality. With that, let’s all accept the challenge and endeavor not to miss the point of life’s moments. :)


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