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SFS has always had talented employees on staff. By happenstance, a lovely artist, Megan Arial, was working for us and nearby during the demo phase, and she walked in to the ISO booth and sang what you now hear on this record. I fell in love with her voice and thought it perfectly captured the moment.

This is a precious one to me as a writer because of its simplicity. It started with a simple outtake played by Ben Powell on violin. We were doing something else - but after the session I heard this warmup and thought - wow - that would be a nice loop for a “Gavin Bryars/Tom Waits type vibe.” Well I wrote this in 2019, and it’s around this time I thought there might be an album afoot. I don’t know how many influences I have but a strong one is Don Henley, and I thought this was something in that style. Again, it just popped out in the middle of the night - and, as I often encourage songwriters that visit SFS, it’s so important to tell a story in a way that leaves a little room for the reader/listener to fill in. There’s a bunch of things that make me happy with this one: The chorus is in the universal language of melody - no words - I just LOVE that. I love that the three stanzas are set up in a trio of sorts - the first reminiscent, the second sort of universally sexy, and the third a bit philosophical, yearning and personal. It’s a stark presentation, violin and voice - but each time I went to add something - it broke. Maybe others will remix it into something on-beyond. How fun would that be!


Music and Lyrics | SCOTT FRANKFURT

LEAD VOCAL | Megan Arial

VIOLIN | Ben Powell

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