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SFS has always had talented employees on staff. By happenstance, a lovely artist, Megan Arial, was working for us and during the demo phase, she walked in to the ISO booth and sang what you now hear on this record. I fell in love with her voice and thought it perfectly captured the moment.

This is a precious one to me as a writer because of it’s simplicity. It started with a simple outtake played by Ben Powell on violin. We were doing something else - but after the session I heard this warmup and thought - wow - that would be a nice loop for a “Gavin Bryars/Tom Waits type vibe.” Well, I wrote this in 2019 and it’s around this time I thought there might be an album afoot. Among the many influences I have, Don Henley is a strong one and this invokes his style. As I often encourage songwriters that visit SFS, it’s so important to tell a story in a way that leaves room for the reader/listener to fill in. There’s a bunch of things that make me happy with this one: The chorus is in the universal language of melody - no words - I just LOVE that. I love that the three stanzas are set up in a trio of sorts - the first reminiscent, the second sort of universally sexy, and the third a bit philosophical, yearning and personal. It’s a stark presentation, violin and voice - but each time I went to add something - it broke. Maybe others will remix it into something on-beyond. How fun would that be?!


Music and Lyrics by | SCOTT FRANKFURT
Lead Vocal | MEGAN ARIAL

© 2023 Scott Frankfurt (BMI) and Bleach Bros. Music (BMI)
All Rights Reserved.