Collection: White Christmas

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After a session in the late 90's, Jeremy turned to me and said "Scottie! Put me in record - I want to play you something..." Two completely improvised performances emerged – "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and "White Christmas." I took the latter MIDI performance and arranged the synthesizer parts from notes Jeremy played with almost everything I had in my arsenal at the time – as a surprise for Jeremy. He loved it. We kept the track for our own enjoyment – occasionally thinking about releasing it – but never did.

The track was sadly lost due to the obsolescence of a particular backup tape technology – until December 2020 when the original Master tape was found. I had the track Re-Mastered by Robert Hadley (of Mastering Lab fame) and it is now available everywhere for safe keeping.

Before he passed, I spoke with Jeremy and we agreed it was time to share our "private creation." It has brought us much joy over the years - joy of creativity, harmony, synthesizers and the joy of arranging. I hope it brings you a dream and a smile – as it has brought us, especially during this Christmas.

- Scott Frankfurt


Composition | Irving Berlin
Rhodes Arrangement & Live Performance | Jeremy Lubbock
Synth Arrangement & Performances | Scott Frankfurt
Artwork | Lee Gallagher
Re-Mastering | Robert Hadley